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Khedut Sadhan Sahay Yojana 2023-24 : ખેડૂત સાધન સહાય યોજના - ખેતીવાડીના સાધનો માટે સરકાર આપશે 15 હજારની સહાય - અરજી કરો આ રીતે

Khedut Sadhan Sahay Yojana 2023-24 - ખેતીવાડીના સાધનો માટે સરકાર આપશે 15 હજારની સહાય

Khedut sadhan sahay yojana 2023 24 list pdf ikhedut portal 2023-24 ikhedut portal 2023 yojana list www.ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in portal ikhedut yojana www.ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in 2023 ikhedut portal login ikhedut. gov. in

ખેતીવાડીના સાધનો માટે સહાય યોજના - આ યોજના માં ખેડૂતોને મળશે રૂપિયા 15 હજારની સહાય - અરજી કરો આ રીતે 

Equipment Support Scheme for Farmers 2023-24: The Govt.will provide Rupees.15,000/- assistance to buy agricultural equipment

Farmers Equipment Assistance Yojana: In which we got accurate Detailsabout Kacha Mandap Assistance Yojana, Assistance Yojana for Beekeeping Equipment and Assistance Yojana for Construction of Water Tanks in Drip Irrigation. The objective of this Yojana is to increase the income of the farmer. Many schemes are published by the Govt. of India and the Govt. of Gujarat for the farmers. In Gujarat, many yojana are run in the interest of farmers on I khedut portal.

Farmers Equipment Assistance Scheme / ખેડૂત સાધન સહાય સ્કીમ 

Now the govt. also provides assistance for agricultural implements like cultivation, harvesting & digging equipment. In today's Blogposts we will provide accurate details about the assistance yojana for agricultural equipment. at ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in Discussion on what benefits will be available under the Agricultural Implementation Subsidy yojana in Gujarat. Total Number yojana of Agriculture is run by Govt. The yojana has been initiated by the Govt. by purchasing agricultural implements.

What is the Agricultural Implementation Subsidy Scheme in Gujarat? Getting its information. What is the benefit under the Agricultural Equipment Assistance Scheme? How to apply? And for that where-where document gets the necessary information.

Khedut Sadhan Sahay Yojana 2023-24  – Highlights

  • Name of the Scheme :- Assistance Scheme for Agricultural Implements
  • Name of Department :- Department of Horticulture
  • OBJECTIVE OF THE SCHEME :- To provide the farmer with agricultural tools like sowing, planting, harvesting and digging tools.
  • Which beneficiaries get assistance? ;- Eligible Farmer Friends of Gujarat State
  • Official Portal ;- @ ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in
  • Mode of Apply ;- Online

Objective of  Khedut Sahay Yojana 

The objective of the scheme is to provide assistance to the farmer for agricultural implements like sowing, planting, harvesting and digging equipment. So that the farmer will reduce his productive cost. Also their income will increase.

Eligibility for Khedut Sadhan Sahay Yojana

Certain eligibility criteria for farm implements have been determined under the assistance Yojana. Which are as follows.

  1. Khedut Sadhan Sahay Yojana is available to General, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe farmers.
  2. A farmer can take the benefit of this Yojana only once.
  3. The farmer has to purchase agricultural implements from the authorized dealer of the manufacturer included in the panel prepared for the purpose of price discovery announced by the Department of Agriculture from time to time.

Benefit available under Khedut Sadhan Sahay Yojana

Different benefits are given to different castes under this scheme. Which are as follows.

For Scheduled Caste Farmers

  • As per 50% of the cost of Rs.0.30 lakh per unit to the respective caste beneficiary Rs. 0.15 lakh is eligible for assistance.
For Scheduled Tribe farmers
  • 50% of the cost of Rs.0.30 lakh per unit to the beneficiary belonging to the Anu.Jana caste Rs. 0.15 lakh is eligible for assistance.
For common caste farmers
  • As per 40% of the cost of Rs 0.30 lakh per unit Rs. 0.12 lakh is eligible for assistance. 50% of the cost of Rs.0.30 lakh per unit to small/marginal/women beneficiary Rs. 0.15 lakh is eligible for assistance.

Documents Needed to Khedut Sadhan Sahay Yojana

Online application is required to avail the assistance scheme for agricultural implements running on the I khedut portal. For which the following farmer beneficiary should have documents.

  1. Copy of land of farmer 7/12 and 8-A
  2. Aadhaar Card copy of the Appliers 
  3. If farmer beneficiary SC Caste certificate if caste
  4. If the farmer beneficiary ST. Caste certificate if caste
  5. Ration Card Copy Of Appliers 
  6. If the farmer is disabled, certificate of disability
  7. Copy of forest rights letter (if any) if beneficiary belongs to tribal area
  8. Consent form of other farmer in case of joint tenant in 7-12 and 8-A land of cultivation
  9. Information  of soul registration with the beneficiary, if any
  10. Information if member of Co-operative Society (if applicable)
  11. Details if member of milk producer association (if applicable)
  12. Phone number

How to apply Online ?

  • First open Google and type "i-khedut Portal"
  • Where to open the official Portal of I-khedut On ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in.
  • After opening the i-khedut website click Here on "Scheme/Yojana"
  • After Click Here on the Yojana, open "Horticulture Scheme" at number-3.
  • After opening "Horticulture Yojana" where serial number-88 click on sowing, planting harvesting and digging tools.
  • In which the next page has to be opened by Click Here on "Apply" in the Sahay scheme for sowing, planting, harvesting and digging tools.
  • Are you a registered Appliers farmer? In which if you have registered then yes and if not you have to do no.
  • If the farmer is registered, after entering Aadhaar card number and mobile number, he has to apply by entering Captcha Image.
  • If the beneficiary has not registered on i-khedut then he has to apply online by selecting 'No'.
  • After filling the complete information, the farmer has to click on save application.
  • The application has to be confirmed after checking the details thoroughly. Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no correction or increase in the Application Number.
  • Farmer beneficiary can get print based on his application after applying online.

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